Stop & Shop Authorizes Strike

Stop Shop Workers

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On Oct. 29th 6,000 Stop & Shop workers in New York voted to authorize a strike after Stop & Shop continued to use the Affordable Care Act as an excuse to gut our contract in negotiations.

Our contract has now expired after Stop & Shop REFUSED to sign a two-week extension. Throughout negotiations, Stop and Shop has used the Affordable Care Act as an excuse to gut our union contract, even after they just reported $5.9 billion in sales last quarter (Q3 2013). What's even more unacceptable, Stop & Shop is now hiring "temporary workers", a threat to every one of us, especially during the holiday season.

Oh and if that's not greedy enough, Stop & Shop held a "worker appreciation day" - a day before the contract with 6,000 New York workers expired- Where they handed out free food to show their "appreciation", then refused to sign a contract extension, letting 6,000 of us work without a contract through the holidays.

What you can do

  1. Join our team to help Stop & Shop workers and stay connected with 6,000 Stop & Shop workers without a union contract
  2. Tell Stop & Shop on their Facebook Page to appreciate their workers with a fair contract and share an image below on their page! (Download the images here)
  3. Sign the petition, pledging your support to honor picket lines at Stop & Shop
  4. Adopt a store and pledge to walk a picket line in the event of a Lockout or a Strike.