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May 2013: An overwhelming number of workers filed for a union election at Mrs. Green's Natural Market, losing by just three votes. 

June 2013: The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) charged Mrs. Green’s with violating federal labor laws, performing illegal interrogation and intimidation of employees in the weeks leading up to the election.

Summer 2013: Employees from the store began to meet with local elected politicians, including Assembly Member Shelly Mayer, to discuss the difficulties they face every day at their job. 

November 2013: The federal charges were settled, and Mrs. Green’s agreed under federal order to create an intimidation free environment for their workers, and post a notice in their store for 60-days.  The notice notified Mt. Kisco employees of their basic rights that were protected under federal laws, including the right to form a union. 

January 2014: Mrs. Green's Unlawfully Fires 8 Pro-Union Workers During the 60-day period.

In a one week span in January, Mrs. Green’s abruptly fired eight pro-union workers for “poor customer service”.  A majority of the fired workers had over seven years on the job; some had worked for the company for over a decade.  The fired workers were not only leading supporters of the union in the election, but were the same workers who met with politicians in the Mt. Kisco area for help.   Mrs. Green's also took the posting down.   We have since filed federal charges against Mrs. Green’s Natural Market and called the firings illegal retaliation and are hopeful they will all be reinstated.  

May 2014: NLRB Regional Director Files Federal Complaint Against Mrs. Green's and Revokes Previous Settlement

May 2014 Update: Mrs. Green's CEO has stepped down: 05/23/14

What You Can Do

Picket Line

Fired workers protest outside of Mrs. Green's in Mt. KiscoCommunity members joined the picket line to demonstrate to the company they will not stand for this kind of treatment of employees.


Westchester community members, former Mrs. Greens customers, 8 fired workers from Mrs. Green's Mt. Kisco, UFCW Local 1500.


Community members and former customers to protest the firings of 8 long-time employees and demand workers are reinstated.


Please contact Organizing Director Brendan Sexton (800-522-0456 ext 1322) for complete details. 


Mrs. Green's Natural Market

666 Lexington Ave.

Mt. Kisco, New York 10549


Photo/video opportunities, customer interviews, fired worker interviews, union spokesperson interviews.

Social Activism:

Tweet to @MrsGreensMarket and demand workers are reinstated, use hashtags #GreenisMean #greenisGreed #MrsGreed and show the workers your support!

Like the campaign and stay connected on Facebook.

Send our Organizing Dept. a message, questions or volunteer on the picket line to support the 9 fired workers.


Outraged community members have started a petition to boycott Mrs. Green's.  Check it out here.

Stay Updated

Stay updated on the campaign and fight to reinstate the 9 fired workers at Mrs. Green's! Fill out this form and show your support!

Media & Press

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Photos for Media Use Available here.