Aly Y. Waddy - Secretary-Treasurer

Aly Y. Waddy began her career working as a PT deli clerk for Dan's Supreme Key Food in Queens, NY in 1998.  She rose through the ranks from PT to FT and finally to Deli Manager.  In June of 1999 Aly left Dan’s and came to work for Local 1500 as an Organizer.  She currently holds the position of Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer.  In her new Executive position Aly will work directly with Secretary-Treasurer Rob Newell and the rest of the Executive staff daily to ensure that the hardworking women and men of Local 1500 are protected in their workplace.  Aly currently oversees staff in multiple departments here at Local 1500, including communications, media, organizing, political, the in-house office staff as well as the employees of all four benefit funds.

 In June of 1999 Aly began working for UFCW Local 1500 as a field Organizer.  She worked on numerous campaigns concentrating on retail organizing and working to level the playing field and protect Union jobs.  Aly has served in various leadership positions at the local, including Lead Organizer, Assistant Director of Organizing, Director of Organizing, and most recently Director of Special Projects.  In April of 2017, Ms. Waddy was unanimously voted onto the UFCW Local 1500 Executive Board as a Vice President. In August of 2017, Ms. Waddy was promoted to Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer.  In January of 2018, Aly was appointed as a Trustee on the Local 1500 Pension Fund.  Aly’s tireless efforts, dedication to the membership and ability to react quickly in every circumstance has led her to climb the ranks of Local 1500.

Secretary-Treasurer Newell said, “I couldn’t be prouder of Aly. Her accomplishments have always been based on her hard work, her refusal to accept less than excellence and her one on one connection the membership of our great Union. The opportunity to work with her is an absolute pleasure for me and I know that with Aly on the Executive Committee we will continue to do great things for our members and the Local will be better prepared for anything that comes its way in the future.”

During her career, she has assisted workers throughout Local 1500’s jurisdiction to gain a better life by joining our Union.  In June of 2011, Aly directed the first union election of its kind when she filed at the NLRB to represent workers from the Target store in Valley Stream, NY.  The Target campaign was featured on the front page of multiple national publications like the New York Times, The Huffington Post, Star Tribune, and The Wall Street Journal just to name a few.  Almost 3 years later, in March of 2014, a book was written about the Labor movement titled "New labor in NY: Precarious Workers and the Future of the Labor Movement", where the Target campaign is featured as a portrayal of the extraordinary efforts to expand the movement from the local to the national scale.  Ms. Waddy has also been invited to lecture students at Hofstra University to discuss the challenges that workers face in today’s retail environment, especially while working for a large anti-union employer like Target.  In October 2016, Aly successfully directed the campaign to organize the workers at Hale & Hearty’s Commissary in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Through her leadership and the hard work and dedication of her team, the workers at Hale & Hearty won their NLRB election by a landslide and are currently working under the protection of their first Union contract.  In her new role, Aly has participated in successfully bargaining several contracts, like Hale & Hearty and Pick Quick Key Food.  Aly’s presence and ability were immediately felt at the bargaining table during the Pick Quick Key Food negotiations. “We couldn’t have reached a positive resolution without her there. Aly worked very hard alongside Assistant to the President Joe Waddy and Secretary-Treasurer Newell to make that deal happen.”, said President Speelman.

Ms. Waddy has represented Local 1500 on the Working Families Advisory Council, as delegate to the NYC Central Labor Council, and is currently serving as a delegate to the Long Island Federation of Labor.  She is also a member of the Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA).

In March of 2016, Ms. Waddy was recognized for her achievements in the Labor movement, receiving a Citation of Merit from Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr.

In May of 2018, Aly was recognized for her leadership and was awarded recognitions from NYS Senator Michael Gianaris, NYS Assembly member Aravella Simotas, NYC Council member Costa Constantinides and Congress member Carolyn Maloney.  In February of 2019, Ms. Waddy was appointed to serve on the 2019 UFCW International Advisory Committee.

Aly was born in El Salvador and immigrated with her family to Queens, N.Y. where she grew up.  She currently resides in Suffolk County with her husband Joe, daughter Kiana, and son Jaden.  She loves to run and stay active, she has participated in events like the Run for the Warriors and the 5 Boro Bike Tour.  She enjoys cooking and baking for family and friends. 


Contact: 800-522-0456 ext. 1305

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