Brendan Sexton

Brendan SextonBrendan Sexton helped pay his way through college as a Part-Time Grocery Clerk. As a student at Brooklyn College, he stepped up to be Part-Time Shop Steward at Stop & Shop in Long Island City to be a voice for his and his coworkers' rights on the job. After representing Part-Timers on the Stop & Shop negotiating committee in 2006, he joined Local 1500 staff. He has held the positions of Organizer, Service Representative and Union Representative, rising through the ranks to Political Coordinator. In this position, Brendan drives the Union's strategy to build political power for the Union and its members through legislation, community-building and political outreach. He works with elected officials and community groups to create better jobs and increase access to food through high-road retailers in our neighborhoods.

Brendan has long been an advocate for social and economic justice. He has built numerous successful campaigns for workers to organize and create power in the workplace. With that, he has recently been tasked to assist the Organizing Department to create and develop strategic campaigns using traditional models of organizing, new media organizing and internal organizing.

Brendan currently represents UFCW Local 1500 on the Working Families Party Advisory Council. He is an Executive Vice President for the Westchester Putnam Central Labor Body and also chairs the Community Services Committee and is an Executive Vice President of the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation.

Phone: 800-522-0456 ext.1362