Best Yet

Last year Best Yet Markets purchased 10 stores through the A&P bankruptcy and was continuing to expand. Many former union workers are now currently working at Best Yet, and have been reaching out to the UFCW for assistance, guidance and help. In response, the UFCW joined a coalition consisting of a number of community, labor and faith organizations to support the men and women working at Best Yet.

Throughout the last few months employees, alongside the coalition, have taken a number of actions to demand better treatment and working conditions. In late September a rally and press conference was held at Best Yet in Huntington Long Island to unveil a new TV ad campaign targeting Best Yet. The commercial highlights how Best Yet replaced good union jobs with jobs with lower benefits and pay.

Best Yet video

If you know anyone working at Best Yet Markets or would like to help on the campaign please contact Bruce Farrands at 516-214-1315 or