King Kullen Update 11

At last week's King Kullen's Contract Update Meeting, no strike vote was taken, and we signed a contract extension thru November 30th. Your CBA will remain in tact throughout the extension. This week we continued to meet with King Kullen Trustees on Pension and Welfare issues.

As you may have heard, Stop & Shop declined a contract extension and right now 6,000 of our UFCW Local 1500 brothers and sisters are working at Stop & Shop without a contract. In the event of a lockout or work stoppage, your brothers and sisters need your help. Pledge your support here. Many questions were asked about ACA, wages, and King Kullen's proposals at last week's meeting, please keep them coming by replying to this email! As our new contract deadline is November 30th at midnight, stay up to date on all news on our Facebook page, Twitter.

We'll be posting all news stories and updates there. If you have ANY questions, stay in touch with us, through email, social networks or talking to your Union Rep. Thank you and #StandStrong1500