King Kullen Update 13

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As you know, we have been without a contract extension for 10-days. After significant progess in Pension and Welfare issues at yesterday's Trustee meetings, we signed a two-week contract extension through midnight, December 21st.   

We're resuming Trustee meetings today with King Kullen, and throughout the week we have negotiations schedule. Throughout the last three-months we have negotiated in good faith and hoped that King Kullen would bargain responsibly.  

I thank you for your patience, and I urge you to continue to be strong and motivated during this process.  Please know that your negotiating committee is fighting every second of the day to try and secure not just "any contract" but the best contract we can.

Thank you for the overwhelming support, communication and solidarity.  We are grateful to our loyal customers, our local politicians, members of our communities, and all of the other Union’s that have pledged support to us during negotiations.  

Thank you again, 


Bruce W. Both

President, Lead Negotiator, UFCW Local 1500

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