Contract 2016 Updates

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2016 presents a number of opportunities for our union to grow. Below is a list of expiring contracts in 2016:

  1. Five & One Key Food
  2. Shop Rite
  3. IGA Amagansett 
  4. Gristedes
  5. Fairway Drivers- Contract Ratified
  6. Wild by Nature - Contract Ratified
  7. Gemstone Key Food – 12/17/16
  8. Holiday Farms – 12/17/16

Dan's Supreme, Pick Quick, & Mandell Key Food:

Dan's Supreme and Mandell Key Food have signed 15 month extensions.

The Pick Quick Key Food contract expired on 3/26/16 and bargaining has been very difficult.  Our Union and negotiating committee offered an extension and the Company failed to even acknowledge it.  We have no perspective dates to bargain and Federal Mediation has been involved. Please sign up for email updates to get for up to minute updates on progress after negotiation sessions.


Glass Gardens ShopRite (7/25/16), SRS ShopRite (8/6/16) and Mannix ShopRite (8/6/16) Contract extensions have been signed. Get the latest contract update


Please contact your Union Representative for more detailed information. 



Important info during negotiations:

  1. Encourage fellow members to sign up for contract updates and attend all update meetings
  2. Stand United! Solidarity between co-workers and fellow Local 1500 Members is crucial and the very fabric of our Union!
  3. Negotiations can be a slow process. Please be patient if updates are not as frequent as you expect.
  4. You will hear many rumors on the contract, some spread by the company, do not pass judgment until you, yourself have read the tentative agreement.
  5. Stay informed, speak with your Shop Steward and Negotiating Committee Members.
  6. Communicate with your Union if you have any questions or comments
  7. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
  8. Sign up for Text Alerts!
  9. Sign up for Email Alerts!

Communication is the a key ingredient to successful contract negotiations. When you combine communications and Solidarity, you have the basis for a successful Union contract to be negotiated.  Please, contact us if you have any questions regarding rumors you may have heard, or on the negotiations!