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Membership Servicing Representatives

Israel Cruz

Alicia Lostumbo

Daniel Rodgers

Executive Board Members

Local 1500 is run by an elected Executive Board. The Executive Board comprises UFCW Local 1500 members who meet on a monthly basis to approve finances, accept new members, discuss local business and the state of the union and determine events and activities. The Board is made up of Member Representatives who work in stores throughout Local 1500’s jurisdiction. The entire Executive Board meeting is recorded and read at quarterly General Membership meetings by the Recorder, Joseph D. Waddy and voted on for approval or disapproval by the General Membership of Local 1500.

For more information on the Executive Board ask your Shop Steward or send us an email at info@ufcw1500.org.

As of March 2020:

Daniel Gleason

King Kullen 1

Charles Haughwout

Stop & Shop 511

Keith Jefferson

Stop & Shop 2595

George Romahn

King Kullen 51

Rob Schnaars

Stop & Shop 2588

Jack Almeida

ShopRite 109

Ray Marrero

Fairway 1
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Jean Bottitta

ShopRite 835

Alicia Boake

ShopRite 289
Glass Gardens

Artan Shabani