Your Rights

As Union members you have many rights on the job that are enforced daily by our Union Representatives along with your shop steward(s) help. A common misconception is that all of your rights on the job are spelled out specifically in your Union contract, however this is not entirely accurate. Your contract has a great deal of information in it and will provide you answers with regard to your rate of pay, raises, paid time off, premium pay, holidays etc. You also have rights and protections under multiple state and federal laws that the Union Representatives monitor regularly to ensure full compliance. No matter what situation you might find yourself in on the job, because you are represented by Local 1500, you will ALWAYS have a resource at your disposal if you have a question or issue. Our Union Representatives and Field Directors are some of the most experienced in the industry and we are sure that you will find their vast years of experience helpful in guiding you through almost any situation. You can also find some more specific information in the “Know Your Rights” section of the website.

All union members have certain rights at work that help protect them from unfair treatment. Many of these rights are guaranteed in laws such as Family Medical Leave, overtime, safe working conditions. Many other rights are ones that are secured through a contract that union members have negotiated at a specific workplace.

Below is a listing of rights for UFCW 1500 members. These are general rights and apply to most all situations. Beyond the listed categories, members should check with a steward or Union Rep if they feel their rights are being violated. Only by standing for our rights can we achieve fair treatment at work.