Having a union makes a difference. On average, union workers make about 20% more per year than non-union workers. Because each contract can be different, a member should read their contract to find out more about their wages.

Obviously a member’s hourly wage is a very important part of the overall package for all union members. However, the value of being a Union member goes well beyond their wage per hour. There are significant financial benefits to all of our members that cannot typically be seen on a member’s paystub. When you include the costs associated with your health care coverage, retirement package and paid time off your hourly wage is significantly higher than what your paycheck shows each week.

The industries in the state and national economy that have the highest “union density” (or percentage of union members in a particular workforce) tend to have a stronger ability to bargain for higher wages and better benefits. Organizing new worksites and new workers not only helps those workers get better wages, it helps all union members because there is strength in numbers.

Make sure you check your pay stub weekly to ensure that you are being paid properly. If you feel that you have missed a pay raise, have not been paid for all your hours worked, or not received the proper premium for holiday time or Sunday work please contact your Union Rep.