Union Benefits

Find all of the wonderful benefits of being a Local 1500 member below. For more information contact your Union Representative.

Contact our legal service plan at (800) 522-0456 ext 1310

One of the excellent benefits available to members of Local 1500 is the Legal Services Plan. Once again, this plan is paid for completely by the employer. Read more ›

Dental Plan

The Local 1500 Dental Plan:

Note: Please contact the Local 1500 Benefits Office to confirm your benefit eligibility before going to the doctor. (800) 522-0456 ext. 1335 1336 1337

Download the Local 1500 Dental Registry (PDF) to find a participating office near you! Read more ›

DDS Inc.

Members can click WWW.DDSINC.NET to view Dental Providers, click on PATIENTS ONLY, and then FIND A PROVIDER, enter 1500 for Union Number on the search screen, and then the zip code and address to find the nearest provider.

Pension Plan

Local 1500 Pension Department: 800-522-0456 ext. 1330 or 1333

It is never too early to be thinking about the future. UFCW Local 1500 has a pension plan for both Full and Part time members to help provide them with income after they retire. Our Pension plan is one of the finest in the retail industry. Most important, THERE ARE NO DEDUCTIONS FROM THE MEMBERS PAYCHECKS TO PAY FOR THIS PLAN.This allows our members the opportunity to save money in additional ways. Read more ›

Medical Plan

Please Contact the UFCW Local 1500 Medical Department with any questions or concerns: 1-800-522-0456 Extensions: 1335, 1336 or 1337.

UFCW Local 1500 has always been deeply concerned with the welfare of its members and is always seeking new ways to provide its members with the security of outstanding Health Insurance. In addition, our Organizing Department is always trying to bring these same benefits to the many non-union workers throughout the New York area. Read more ›

Vision Plan

Attention Local 1500 Members: Please be sure to contact the UFCW Local 1500 Benefits Department (800.522.0456 ext. 1336/1337) to verify your eligibility before attempting to redeem your benefits. View vision plan providers: Read more ›


Local 1500 Members are eligible to apply for scholarships from three different sources! Read more ›

Discounts & Other Union Benefits

Mental Health Help, Credit Union and other discounts and benefits you’re eligible for as a union member. Read more ›

Full Time Employee Group Benefit Plan

Group benefit for Full Time Employees. Read more ›