Please contact your Union Representative for more detailed information.

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Important Info During Negotiations:

  1. Encourage fellow members to sign up for contract updates and attend all update meetings.
  2. Stand United! Solidarity between co-workers and fellow Local 1500 Members is crucial and the very fabric of our Union!
  3. Negotiations can be a slow process. Please be patient if updates are not as frequent as you expect.
  4. You will hear many rumors on the contract, some spread by the company, do not pass judgment until you, yourself have read the tentative agreement.
  5. Stay informed, speak with your Shop Steward and Negotiating Committee Members.
  6. Communicate with your Union if you have any questions or comments
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Communication is a key ingredient to successful contract negotiations. When you combine communications and Solidarity, you have the basis for a successful Union contract to be negotiated. Please, contact us if you have any questions regarding rumors you may have heard, or on the negotiations!