Market Share

As more and more non-union stores open and unionized stores close, our strength as a union diminishes. This is because our influence with current employers weakens, and this is especially apparent during negotiations.

The phrase ”market share” refers to the percentage of the total amount of sales in a given area. For Local 1500 members it means the number of union stores in a given area. That number continues to drop as stores like CVS, Walmart & Target continue to not only open, but now offer groceries.

Non-union employers are hostile to any organizing efforts and employees are frightened to even be seen talking to union organizers and union members, as we saw at Target in Valley Stream, some employees were even terminated for allegedly speaking with union organizers. 

Public support of unions is turning, Americans who at a time were less sympathetic to union/labor causes and reluctant to support boycotts, are now understanding our fight.  Communities have been ravaged and torched by Big Box stores like Walmart, which kills local business and waters down wages, benefits and job opportunities.  We’re proud to be the only major city in the world to not have a Walmart and we intend to keep it that way!  That way our neighborhoods will have good sustainable jobs, supplying quality, healthy affordable food.  Union employers have raised the level of wages and working conditions over the past hundred years and they continue that today.  This never would have happened unless someone took a stand against greedy employers.  Thank you for reading about how market share has a tremendous effect on us!