Joseph Waddy

Executive Vice President/Recorder

Joe Waddy began his career at Dan’s Supreme Key Food in 1988 at the age of 16.  He was a part-time grocery clerk for five years and then was promoted to full-time in 1993.  In May of 1998 Joe joined the Local 1500 staff as a Membership Servicing Representative, ensuring that both daytime and evening members alike saw a Representative of the Union on a daily basis.

 In 2003, Joe was reassigned to the position of Union Representative.  Since then he’s represented Local 1500 throughout NYC’s five boroughs, New Jersey, Connecticut, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. In May of 2016, Joe was appointed Assistant to the President, where he is responsible for the inner workings of the President’s office.  His duties include overseeing the Senior Director, Field Director, and the Servicing Field Staff, and is also the Collective Bargaining Representative for the Local.

 In May of 2016, Joe was elected as Vice President on the Local 1500 Executive Board.  He has been a delegate to the NYC Central Labor Council, Westchester/Putnam Central Labor Body and is currently serving as a delegate to the Long Island Federation of Labor.  His dedication to the labor movement has helped him excel at serving Local 1500 members.  Joe also serves as a trustee on Local 1500’s Welfare Fund.  On November 8th, 2019, Mr. Waddy was appointed to the position of Executive Vice President.

 Joe was married to Aly in 2005.  They have two children, Kiana and Jaden.  Joe is a native New Yorker, being born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and now residing in Suffolk County with his family.  Among his passions are exotic automobiles and road cycling.  He also enjoys making his wife coffee every morning.

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