Employees,Grocery Workers Union Slam CBS over “Targeted” Rejection of Times Square Jumbotron Advertisment

Questions Raised over Possible Connection to Union Election

WESTBURY, NEW YORK (05/24/2011)(readMedia)– Employees from a Target Store located in Valley Stream, New York and the State’s largest Union representing grocery workers are slamming CBS for its rejection of a paid advertisement questioning Target’s work place practices. The rejection of the advertisement is especially questionable since it was a representative of CBS that initially contacted with the Union and suggested using the CBS “Super Screen” located in Times Square.

The rejected ad can be seen in its entirety at http://targetchangeny.com

Tashawna Green, a Valley Stream employee, was shocked that CBS, the network that has employed such First Amendment defenders such as Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather, would reject the employees’ message. “All we want to do is get our message out to the public that Target Stores does not treat us right and we would like to see change come to our workplace. They let politicians run ads trashing each other all the time, but when the average citizen needs a public forum, they shut us down. I guess Target’s money is more important to CBS that letting the voice of their loyal viewers be heard,” Green concluded.

Patrick Purcell, a spokesperson for United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500, was shocked by the sudden turnaround by CBS. “They contacted us, not vice versa. They did so after seeing the press reports about Target workers participating in the first federally monitored Union election at a Target store. Our message content was made clear from day one. It is outrageous and unethical for them to now reject the advertisement,” Purcell stated. “The aisles at Target and the halls of CBS both stink tonight with the smell of censorship.” Purcell suggested this action is in line with Target’s campaign at the store to minimize voter education and deny equal access to information.

“This action by CBS produces the same result indirectly that Target Stores directly seeks as workers from around the New York area mobilize for change: silence the workers’ voice,” Purcell said. “Their campaign has been one of denying workers equal access to information, forced employee captive audience meetings and threats of job loss. These actions, by both CBS and Target, crystallize why Americans are disgusted by irresponsible corporations that pray at the altar of profits. This matter is far from over,” Purcell promised.

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