James "Hutch" Hutcherson: Pick Quick

Shop Steward James Hutcherson: Pick Quick, Bronx 

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Hearing someone yell out, “Hutch!” is pretty normal at PickQuick.  After spending a morning with the warm, hardworking  cornerstone at PickQuick Foods, it's easy to see why he was recommended to by his peers to be given a UFCW Local 1500 Member Spotlight. 

James has been with the company for over 30 years, working for three generations of the Levine Family (PickQuick owners), working for father, son and now grandson. 

The personable, hard working family man everyone calls “Hutch” owes his success and longevity to his Uncle Delbert and his father.  “My Uncle taught me the business and my father taught me the work ethic,” Hutch says, “My Father was a single parent raising four kids, but he didn’t look back, he taught me the work ethic I bring into the store everyday.” 

Shop Steward James Hutcherson is a proud union member, loves Butter Pecan ice cream and loves his union.   His daughter was a past winner of one of Local 1500’s scholarship program, “I’m proud that my union helped my daughter go to college, I’m also proud to give a small shop like PickQuick some recognition.  It’s the small shops that built this union and it means a lot to me to represent a great company who has been great to me and my family."   


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