Contract Proposal Submission

Dear Wild By Nature member,
Typically leading up to contract negotiations, we would hold Proposal Meetings with the membership. Those meetings give you a chance to tell us what you would like to see added to, or changed in, your new contract. This has always been the place where you made sure your voice was heard and where we made sure that any concerns you could have are properly recorded and then relayed to your company. 
Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we cannot currently hold mass meetings. With a group your size it would be very difficult to provide the proper socially distant environment. However, your voice still needs to be heard!
Please email us what you would like to see improved, or added to, your new contract.
Both your Union and your company need to hear what you are thinking! 
Email address:
We will consolidate all of your proposals and submit them to you company. We will let you know when (and how) they respond to your proposals and as always keep you updated on how negotiations are progressing.


Thank you for your time, your involvement in this process and most of all for your membership in your Union! Please continue to work smart and stay safe

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