Federal Investigation Continues as New York Area Target Workers Prepare for Union Election;

Company Threatens To Close Store as Election Day Nears

VALLEY STREAM, NEW YORK (06/15/2011)(readMedia)– Despite a campaign of fear, intimidation and threats to close the store, Valley Stream Target Store employees have decided to go forward with their scheduled Union election on June 17th, 2011. At meetings recently held at United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500’s headquarters located in Westbury, New York over the past two days, members of the Valley Stream Target Organizing Committee decided that even though Target has poisoned the environment for a fair democratic election, the vote must go forward.

“No one in history ever accomplished justice by backing down to bullies” said Sonia Williams, a Valley Stream Target employee. “We know that on election day we will take our first big step as we walk the path to a better life. The right to organize through a fair democratic election is our civil right. Target will soon learn that when you try to deny people their civil rights, you will incur the wrath of society and you will fail,” Williams said.

UFCW Local 1500 attorneys from Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein have filed numerous charges with the National Labor Relations Board and are investigating over a dozen more complaints from workers for possible legal action. “Target has declared war on the two million members of the New York State labor movement and their own workers with these outrageous actions,” said UFCW Local 1500 spokesperson Patrick Purcell. “All Target had to do was respect the democratic values of not just its workers but their customers and give these workers a fair election. Instead, they took action more likely to be seen from a dictatorship. This is a fight for change that is just beginning. The workers and the Union will not stop till Target respects Democracy.” Purcell concluded.

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Federal charges filed against Target with the National Labor Relations Board accuse the company of unlawful denial of access to the store, unlawful dress code policy, unlawful no solicitation policy, unlawful use of social media policy as well as threats, interrogation and surveillance. “The most chilling and scary thing that Target did was suggest that the store might close should we win the election,” said Tashawna Green, a Valley Stream Target worker. “They know the store won’t close. It is just a dirty trick to scare people during a tough economy. I thought the days of trying to intimidate voters was over. The battle for Civil Rights was not won in a day and if we have to fight just as hard and just as long for our rights so be it. We are ready,” Green concluded.

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