New York Target Workers Face Election Day Threats and Intimidation;

Workers Call On Federal Government to Direct a New Election Following Contested Loss

QUEENS VILLAGE, NY (06/18/2011)(readMedia)– What the workers at the Valley Stream, Long Island Target wanted was a fair and free Union election based on Democratic values. What the Target workers got was a campaign of threats, intimidation and illegal acts by Target management. Still, workers demanded an election be held without delay so they could send a message to Target: You will not suppress our votes; you will not deny us our rights.

The results of Friday’s Union election loss are being contested by United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500, New York State’s largest retail food workers union. The workers and the Union are demanding the Federal government direct a new election and order Target to cease its illegal activity.

“Target did everything they could to deny these workers a chance at the American Dream,” stated UFCW Local 1500 President Bruce W. Both. “However, the workers pursuit of a better life and the ability to house and feed their families is proving more powerful. These workers are not backing down from this fight. They are demanding another election. They are demanding a fair election. They are demanding justice and they are prepared to fight for it. These Target workers will one day wake up to see that the American Dream has become a reality and they have overcome Targets abuses,” Both concluded.

In response to the outcome of today’s election, UFCW local 1500 will begin a campaign, Target: Democracy, at the other 26 stores in the New York area. UFCW Local 1500 is also expected to begin coordinating a nationwide campaign with other UFCW Locals in major metropolitan areas.

“The sad fact is that no Target worker should ever again have to go through this process,” stated President Both. “I agree that Democratic elections are how workers should decide their future. However, I favor the American version of Democracy, not some third world edition that Target seems to prefer. We believe that the general public, Target shareholders, elected officials as well as Targets own customers will agree that Target should support Democratic principles for future elections that better represent what Americans expect from a Democratic election,” Both continued. “Today is merely the end of the first round of what will undoubtedly be a 12 round fight for fairness, democracy, justice and change for all Target workers,” Both concluded.

UFCW Local 1500 represents 23,000 retail food workers throughout the metropolitan New York area.

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